Here’s a post that I drafted at the end of September after a glorious day up North, and as you can probably imagine, I inevitably got caught up with the surprises that tend to come up every so often. I really had a beautiful weekend, it’s something I’ll remember for quite a long time… Hope you enjoy the read, and you’ll find some pictures I took that day.

It’s been pretty hectic for as long as I can remember, ever since having stepped into my new venture of Soi Publications. Our first issue is out in print, and we’re working on making an e-pub version, as well as collecting our next set of artists for the winter issue. Needless to say, there hasn’t really been much time for personal work or projects, however, there are times when I do get the itch to photograph again.

This weekend has been absolutely perfect weather-wise, so my family decided we’d spend the day up North on Saturday. We knew it was going to be pretty awesome based on the forecast alone, but honestly we didn’t anticipate the day ahead of us. We took a slow drive up to catch as much of the scenery as possible. The deciduous trees are currently in transition, ranging from the usual autumn burgundy reds, cadmium yellows, and burnt oranges, and we were in our bathing suits soaking up the sun. It’s quite a funny, yet wonderful thing to picture. We ventured off onto the calm waters with the pedalo for two hours, often stopping to admire the overwhelming palette that was taking over both the leafy landscape and the lake. We were astonished to find many tadpoles swimming in the water close to the dock and tried catching them. I later discovered on a forum that there are such things as “overwintering” tadpoles, where the tadpoles slow down their growth throughout the winter and resume in the spring time! Nature’s pretty amazing that way. Before our lovely dinner, my papa and I went on the VTT and to discover new areas, which had both stunning views and the most delicious scents I could have never imagined. Think of sweet, warm summer berries, meets dewy, earthy leaves wafting through the air and greeting your bare skin in patches of coolness. If only there were a way to encapsulate those fragrances and carry them with me everyday… And on our drive home, we stopped to temporarily lose ourselves the countless stars above us.

Oh, I also forgot to mention, there was a place nearby to collect natural spring water, where we filled up multiple jugs and drank the most refreshing water one could ever taste.


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