Plastic-Free Emily

Well, perhaps the title not entirely true… YET… but I am actually putting in the effort to reduce consuming plastic when given the opportunity to. And with organisations and plastic activists that keep growing in force and visibility, I really do feel called in by the pulling of the tides that bring me closer to the possibility of cleaner shores and the spreading of this vision of a planet without plastic. 

This past Spring, following the screening of the documentary A Plastic Ocean, I was so deeply touched and devastated by the condition of our planet due to our excessive consumption of plastic, that I thought to myself, I couldn’t CONSCIOUSLY continue to contribute to this problem. Like I said, I’m far from being entirely plastic-free, but when you know the facts, it just feels like your heart is being crushed under the false belief of I can’t make a difference. So, what facts am I talking about? To name a scary few…

  • We produce more than 300 million tons of plastic every year.
  • More than 8 million tons of plastic are dumped into our oceans every year, and more than 50% of marine debris, including plastic, will sink. 
  • Plastic fragments that are ingested by fish release toxins, which have been found to be linked to cancer, autoimmune disease, cognitive problems, infertility and endocrine disruption… We then ingest this fish, and the toxins also enter our own bodies. 
  • 63 billion gallons of oil are used every year in order to supply the U.S. with plastic water bottles.
  • 50% of all plastic is single use… Plastic has an average useful lifetime of 12 minutes.

And this is all without specifying the amount of harm that is caused to marine life…

OK, so all of these horrible facts may make your heart sink as it did mine, but maybe it’ll fuel you as it did me to make these homemade bees wraps (food wraps).

If you’d like to make some, I’d recommend following this blogpost I stumbled upon, that way you can get creative and also make something that’s equally environmentally friendly and BEAUTIFUL. You can also Google DIY beeswax food wrap and experiment with what’s already out there! (I personally really enjoyed the method I used in the link above because it was easier for me to spread the beeswax with the iron, as opposed to using the oven method, where the beeswax was nearly impossible to apply with a paintbrush, as it hardened as soon as I removed my wraps from the oven. If none of what I’m saying makes sense to you, just pick a method and give it a go! You’ll figure it out. 😉

I’m planning on doing more homemade bees wraps, while possibly experimenting with a different method, and I’ll potentially make a video about it if there’s enough interest…

Oh, in other exciting news the projet The Ocean Cleanup has been hard at work preparing their launch for a few years, and they finally will be launching in exactly 35 days from now. SO AWESOME. Their plan is to tackle 50 % of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in 5 years… 

So… Would you like to know what the next step is?

I’m contacting my local (big chain) grocery store! I’m in the final editing stage of my letter and I’m hoping to drop it/send it off by next week. (!!!!)

I will definitely post updates as the journey progresses, though the format is to be determined. When I mentioned writing a letter to the management of the grocery store while paying at the cash this past week, the cashier, the bag boy and the client behind us all expressed their interest and support in wanting to reduce their plastic consumption. 100% of the people exposed wanted to have better and safer options, which was extremely encouraging and made me feel like I had to be making this next move.

If you’ve taken the time to read all of this, then I suppose you’re also very touched by the issue, so thank you for caring… If you have any ideas, suggestions, simply want share a story or to dream of a better future without plastic, feel free to comment or send me an email. :-)

P.S. The facts presented above have been extracted from a wonderful guide that was made by Plastic Oceans Foundation.

This enchanting place is Villefranche-sur-mer; a place of warmth, texture, escargots, and bougainvillea.

Porto remains to be one of my favourite places on Earth. Even after all this time, I have this place imprinted in my mind, my soul…


A few more images of Venice. It truly is the location to get lost in, because it only leads to new discoveries every step you dare to take…