with the publication constantly being worked on, it makes it difficult to work on any personal projects that require much effort, especially if it’s in the stage where it can be mostly worked on through the computer. in free time, it seems like the most suitable thing to do is to paint, draw, write, read, daydream, spend time quietly/or not so quietly listening to music, seeing loved ones and breathing fresh air… and suddenly personal projects, and technology seems to fall on the back-burner.

well, here’s a personal note to myself (and to whoever is reading this) that there’s a series in development that can be done very simply from the comfort of my own home. it’s called the view from my window, and as you can imagine, it has to do with the view that can be admired from my window. this started unintentionally around april, and i’ve been at it since, without realizing that it could be anything. after so many months, the observations of weather patterns, and the force of mother nature continues to intrigue me. she can be moody, she can be mysterious, and she is beautiful.

here are a couple favourites that might make it into the final series… we’ll see a few months or years down the line (it is an ongoing project after all)!

the view the view-2 the view-3 the view-4

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